Climb Wyoming’s Casper program was established in 2004, featuring trainings including welding, short-haul truck driving, office careers and healthcare careers. Currently Casper serves 30 single mothers and their families each year.

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632 S. David Street
Casper, WY 82601
Phone: (307) 237-2855

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Success Stories


# of Kids: 2 Previous Occupation: Unemployed Previous Wage: Unemployed Current Occupation: Platte Valley Bank Current Wage: $2,080/month Tifanee completed Climb's Office Careers training.

“I wasn’t just going to Climb for a job—it was getting me prepared to be successful in a job. For me, group therapy was one of the most powerful parts of the program. It was nice to be able to talk about what’s going on in your life and not be judged. In a group setting, you’re not alone. Everyone is going through the same thing, so you connect on a different level. I had never worked with a counselor before, but it was essential to learn how not to bottle up my emotions. Now when something comes up at work, the outcome is pretty amazing: I’m able to address things in the moment and have direct, respectful conversations.”

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# of Kids: 2 Previous Occupation: Unemployed Previous Wage: Unemployed Current Occupation: Service Associate, Farm Bureau Financial Services Current Wage: $2,513/month Jen completed Climb's Office Careers training.

“I had a lot of discouragement with jobs before Climb. I felt like there was no point in trying to even get another job. I’d had issues with coworkers and just didn’t feel like I had a place in the working world. At first, I had the least amount of confidence in maintaining relationships of anyone in my Climb program. But by the end, the one-on-one and group counseling had really helped me come out of my shell. For my son, that’s been a great lesson. I tell him, ’Don’t assume you’re not good enough, put yourself out there!’ Climb was there in the beginning of my job placement and helped me learn how to speak to my bosses when I had a problem. I’m really focused on maintaining positive workplace communications now rather than just blowing up and saying, ‘I quit.’”

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# of Kids: 3 Previous Occupation: Unemployed Previous Wage: Unemployed Current Occupation: Resident Specialist, Central Wyoming Counseling Center Current Wage: $2,226/month Rochelle completed Climb's Medical Office Careers training.

“I had just had a baby before starting the Climb program and was living with my parents. I really wanted to better my children and myself and was tired of struggling with emotions from my past that I’d never dealt with. When I found out Climb had counseling, it scared me—but it ended up helping so much. I never would have thought in a million years that I’d work at a counseling center. Climb didn’t just place me anywhere but found an opportunity where I could grow and be happy. If it weren’t for Climb, I would never have even tried to get this kind of job. Now I’ve moved out of my parents’ house and have my own place. I’m not nearly as emotional as I used to be. My family says Climb is the best thing that ever happened to me.”

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# of Kids: 3 Previous Occupation: Childcare Previous Wage: $12,000/year Current Occupation: Professional Personal Lines Representative /Sandy Widmer Farmer's Insurance Agency Current Wage: $24,000/year Donielle completed Climb’s Office Careers training.

“Climb doesn’t give up on you,” Donielle says. “I had two weeks left in my Office Careers training and was so worried about finding the right job for me. Then Climb asked if I’d be interested in insurance since I love working with people and have strong computer skills. I got the interview and nailed it! Fast forward four years, and I’m still at the same employer, now a licensed insurance professional.” Now Donielle and her family have something else to celebrate—moving into their first home through Habitat for Humanity in Casper. “When I told Climb about the house, they said, ‘we want to help.’ They’re my support system, even all these years after my program.” In addition to Climb’s Casper staff, local Climb supporter Margaret Carpenter also joined in to help at the building site. “I’ve been living in low-income housing my whole life,” says Donielle. “Now my kids are going to have their own backyard, no one telling us you can’t do this or that in a rental. I’m going to run my life the way I want to, finally. I can plant roses in my yard. I can get a dog (without paying a deposit!). This is freedom. This is going to be about our family, and that’s what we need, to just be us.”

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# of Kids: 1 Previous Occupation: Food Services Previous Wage: $9,600/year Current Occupation: Admiral Beverage/Pepsi Current Wage: $36,000/year Lea completed Climb's Short Haul Truck Driving (CDL) training.

What a difference a year makes. In early 2015, Lea was living in a homeless shelter after an exhausting legal battle to reclaim custody of her son. “I was feeling really down and out,” she remembers. Now, just over a year later, Lea has her own apartment and her own car, and she can pay all her bills. It all turned around after Lea graduated from Climb’s Short Haul Truck Driving (CDL) and combined Warehouse Inventory training in Casper and secured a job with Admiral Beverage/Pepsi. Lea realized just how much her life had changed when she filed her 2015 tax return. She went from barely making $800 a month working in fast food in 2014 to earning just under $3,000 a month in 2015. Her income jumped almost $20,000 in less than a year. When Lea saw these numbers on her tax return, she rushed into Casper’s Climb office to share her news. “Climb’s staff are my favorite people in the world,” she says.

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# of Kids: 1 Previous Occupation: Unemployed Previous Wage: Current Occupation: Bus Driver/Natrona County School District Current Wage: $32,073/year Elisha completed Climb's Truck Driving (CDL)/Warehouse Tech training.

“I never would have thought that there are people in this world who care as much as the staff at CLIMB. They set me up for success from the minute I walked in the door, on fire and ready for change in my life. And I know the other participants in my program will be my friends for life. Before CLIMB, I lost my son for 15 months and was struggling to make a happy home. I finally packed it all up and came to Casper not knowing anyone. Now I keep saying, ‘pinch me, wake me up.’ I love my job, stopped qualifying for food stamps, and am learning to live on my new income. I’ll start college again this year to get my associate’s degree in substance abuse counseling. This is the first time in my whole life I haven’t wanted to run away.”

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Bethany Cutts

Contract Mental Health Provider

Born and raised in Wyoming, Bethany attended the University of Wyoming and has a master's degree in social work. She is trained in trauma-focused therapy and is also a certified yoga instructor with a strong interest in health and fitness.

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Jenn Whitehead

Assistant Program Director

Although Jenn is a Washington native, Wyoming has def­i­nitely become home after living the last 19 years here. Most of this time was in Casper but she also spent a short time living in Kemmerer and Green River. Jenn currently lives in Casper with her husband and three wonderful little girls. She loves spending time with her family, enjoying the outdoors, and also enjoys music. With a strong desire to help others, Jenn joins Climb with strong admin­is­tra­tive and account­ing skills to help assist the staff and par­tic­i­pants on their road to a brighter future.

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On average, Climb graduates more than double their monthly income, reduce or remove their need for government assistance, and are still in jobs over two years after completing the program.


Is the average monthly income for graduates two years after the Climb program. The average before was $1,123.


of graduates were employed full-time at program end in 2018


decrease in food stamp usage by participants two years after Climb


increase in graduates on private health insurance two years after Climb

Employer Partners

Blakeman Vacuum & Sewing
Brake Supply Co.
Casper Children’s Center
Edgewood Meadow Wind
Epsilon Health Solutions
GSG Architecture
GW Mechanical Inc.
Hilltop National Bank
Hilton Garden Inn
Intermountain Home Companions
Lincare – Casper
Meadow Wind Assisted Living
Platte Valley Bank
Poplar Living Center
Primrose Retirement Community – Casper
Shepherd of the Valley Healthcare Community
Visiting Angels and Bear Country Home Healthcare
Wyoming Dept. of Family Services – Casper

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