Climb Wyoming’s Laramie program was established in 2004 and has trained women in office, commercial driving, and healthcare careers.

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Laramie, WY 82070
Phone: (307) 742-9346

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Success Stories


# of Kids: 2 Previous Occupation: Unemployed Previous Wage: $0 Current Occupation: Family Physicians of Laramie Current Wage: $2,080/month Jamie completed Climb's Intro to Medical Careers training.

“I was stuck before Climb. We were on all the government assistance you can get, including subsidized housing. We went without a lot of necessities, and I had to make some tough choices about what and how we were eating. I had no medical insurance for myself so went without prescriptions, doctor visits, and being able to take care of some health issues I had at the time. Now I have medical insurance for the first time in 15 years. I’m back in school to become a nurse. I always wanted to be in the medical field but didn’t finish college and didn’t think I could ever go back. Climb said, ‘yes you can!’ Now my kids get to see how hard work pays off.”

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# of Kids: 2 (and 1 grandchild) Previous Occupation: Unemployed Previous Wage: Unemployed Current Occupation: Albany County Circuit Court Current Wage: $3,213/month Ellen completed Climb's Office Careers training.

“When my husband suddenly left me after 28 years of marriage, I had to pick myself up from the beginning and figure out how to support my daughters. I had to do this with very little past work experience. Climb gave me confidence and helped me stand up for myself. Now, I’m a Civil Court Clerk, and my kids are so proud of me. My youngest saw me working hard at Climb and never missing a class, and that has inspired her to keep going in school. I shared the resume and computer skills that I learned at Climb to help her get a job. I also shared the mindfulness skills that I learned, like how to focus on a task when you’re stressed. So, I didn’t just do it for me, I was thinking of my kids more than anything. I don’t want something given to me, I want to work for it. That’s what my kids are learning from me.”

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# of Kids: 1 Previous Occupation: Food Service Previous Wage: $200/month Current Occupation: Office Manager/ Medical Billing, Cupps and Bondurant Chiropractic Current Wage: $2,128/month Phyre completed Climb's Office Careers training.

“I moved back home to Laramie to be near family. I have my bachelor’s degree in film and video but was struggling to find my place. At Climb, it was nice to see that I wasn’t the only person in my situation. I was in a custody battle, and the other women in my group gave me a lot of support. When you’re going through that, you feel like you’re alone and no one gets it, but we were in it together. No one judged me. I have already had two raises since my Climb job started, I got custody of my daughter, and she is back home. Things are looking up, and in part Climb is to thank for that. I am in a much better place than I was a year ago, and I am happy that I can say that!”

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# of Kids: 5 Previous Occupation: Unemployed Previous Wage: Unemployed Current Occupation: Materials Handling Current Wage: $2,170/month Hailey completed Climb's Heating and Ventilation Systems training.

“When I first arrived in Laramie, I was homeless, scared, alone and moving around a lot. I believed others who said, ‘You’ll never amount to anything, there’s no job that you’ll have for more than a couple months.’ I thought I was going to live in a rut my whole life. Within the first day of starting Climb, we were delving into really deep issues, having these hard conversations with strangers, but by the time those weeks were over, we were far from strangers. Now I wake up every morning looking forward to going to work. I sometimes want to go on Saturdays! I never thought I’d be at a place in life where I was standing on my own two feet. We live in a townhouse and I’m hoping soon to get the first raise in my whole life. I couldn’t ask for a better life at the moment!”

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# of Kids: 2 Previous Occupation: Part-time Childcare Previous Wage: $1,300/year Current Occupation: Warehouse Technician/HIVIZ Shooting Systems Current Wage: $26,000/year Trudy completed Climb's QuickBooks™/ Office Careers training.

“I am 52 and was recently divorced when I started Climb. My goal was simple: I just needed a way to take care of my family. But I ended up gaining about 10 years of knowledge while in the Climb program. Anybody can get a job, but with Climb I got a career where I’m making plans for the future. Now I wake up on Monday morning and can’t wait to go to work! I’m already in a supervisory position and received a raise within one month of employment. It’s a wonderful feeling to be off welfare—it feels good to meet my kids’ needs. Our family is so good now—there’s peace where there was none before. My kids aren’t nervous anymore. Dinner is there, home is there. I tell people interested in Climb that you have to be ready to give it 100 percent. In return, it will change your life.”

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Tess Stonehouse Snow

Program Director

Chanda Dougherty

Assistant Program Director

Stephannie Teini

Contract Mental Health Provider


On average, Climb graduates more than double their monthly income, reduce or remove their need for government assistance, and are still in jobs over two years after completing the program.


Is the average monthly income for graduates two years after the Climb program. The average before was $1,151.


of graduates were employed full-time at program end in 2019


decrease in food stamp usage by participants two years after Climb


increase in graduates on private health insurance two years after Climb

Employer Partners

Albany County Public Library
Albany County School District #1
Alpine Animal Hospital
BestMed Urgent Care
Coffey Engineering & Surveying
Greener Paths, Inc.
Ivinson Memorial Hospital
Laramie Pediatrics
Premier Bone and Joint Centers – Laramie
Quality IV Care
Spring Wind Assisted Living
University of Wyoming
Wyoming Women’s Business Center

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